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“Mapping the Global Architect of Alterity: Convention, Practice, Representation, and Education” (2014) | EXCERPT

Published book exploring how globalization has transformed the role, education and agency of the 21st century architect.


“The Global Nomad: Navigating Mediated Space at a Global Scale in global media, culture, and identity” (2011)  | EXCERPT

Refereed chapter  in a collection of essays about global media.  Chapter explores how the concept and perception of place and space have been radically transformed by the advancement of new visual technologies and global communication networks.


“Sustainability: Ethics or Technology?” (2010) | EXCERPT

Text explores the necessity of becoming more sustainable but asserts modern society must first overcome its blind faith in all things technological.  This is publication for the finalists of the EAAE/MONTANA writing prize.


“A Globalized Studio Environment” (2009) | EXCERPT                         

Published journal article exploring the potential types of spatial paradigms that could be utilized to aid students in rethinking their preconceptions of space in light of recent global trends.


 “Process, Representation, and Architectural Agency in an Age of Complexity and Change” (2008) | EXCERPT

Published journal article exploring how the role and agency of the 21st century architect has transformed as globalization has changed the relationship of the local to the global.


 “Power, Utopia, and the Manipulation of The Historical Consciousness: Perspectives from Collingwood” (2008) | EXCERPT

Text explores the relations of utopian ideals to our perceptions of history through views expressed in the work of the British philosopher R. G. Collingwood.